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Make a New Website – In 7 Easy Steps

It’s relatively simple to make yourself a new website. If you have a proven plan to follow, that makes it even easier. Follow along with these simple steps and you’ll see how simple it is.

For example, if your topic is to be on basket weaving, and specifically for offering lessons for beginners it would be a good idea to have that phrase in your domain name. Go to namecheap.com and check if basketweavingforbeginners.com is available. If it is, that would be a great domain name, if not keep trying until you find something that is easy to remember and easy to pronounce.

Do an online search for Kompozer, and download and install this free HTML editor. Then it’s a simple matter of learning to use it. It’s very similar to using a word processor, so if that is familiar to you within this will be all the more easier.

You will now want to put some thought into how you want your new website to look. Arrange your written content and images in a sensible manner and make different pages for the various sections and create a logical navigation menu. Using images along with the text makes reading the content more interesting.

Going online to search for files the law, and download and install this free FTP program. Next it’s an easy task to learn how to use it.

You can sign up for very good and inexpensive webhosting at Hostgator.com.  For as little as five dollars a month your website can have a permanent home there. Then you will need to set up your account so your domain name is associated with your hosting. Enter your domain, create a username and password and put in an e-mail address. This step should show you the DNS settings and you can make a note of what the name servers are, as they will be needed in the next step.

This is a little bit technical step, but a very important one in order for your website to be visible on the web. Check in your hosting account what the domain name serve rinformation is and then login to your domain name registrar and enter it in to the domain name servers set up area.

Now that your domain name and your hosting is ready, your website files can be uploaded to your hosting server and then you can view your website online and test it out and make sure everything works and looks as intended.