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How the Wrong Web Host Can Hurt Your SEO

Web hosting is an integral part of almost everything you do with your website. From how easy it is to maintain your sites and services to how easy you can get technical support, the choice you make for a host will come back to either save or haunt you in the future, depending on which choice you make. So, it is vital that you know exactly in what ways web hosting can directly affect your SEO so that when you go to make your choice, you have the necessary knowledge you need on hand.

Search engines are fickle beasts. They don’t like it when you show up one day and don’t show up the next. You need to be there every day with new content, producing and wooing them to give you a top spot. If your web host decides to break down every other day due to poor maintenance or outdated equipment, you will be left with an underperforming site and a whole lot of wasted effort in SEO. It is vital that you seek out a hosting service with a solid background in regards to downtime that will not fail you when you need it most.

While most search engines no longer penalize your website for the actions of someone else on your server node, it can happen. This is because many times when you purchase a shared hosting plan (which most people will do), you are sharing the same IP address with dozens if not hundreds of other users. If one of them decides to get themselves blacklisted for black hat SEO or illegal practices, you could be forced to suffer as well – and that is never a fun prospect.

If you have a new service you’d like to install or are having issues with something that affects your SEO, you want to have solid tech support on hand to help you deal with it quickly and efficiently. A good web hosting service will do just that for you.

Ultimately, you need to be sure that your web hosting service will remain up, not lump you with poor performers and will offer the assistance you need when you need it. Without these things, you cannot be sure you’ll perform as well as you could or that you’ll make the money you were aiming to make.