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9 Questions To Ask Yourself When Looking for an Affordable, Cheap Web Hosting Provider

Are you looking for a web hosting provider? If yes, let me warn you first. I know there are a lot of web hosting companies offering cheap and affordable services out there, but are you ready to bet the quality just to save some few bucks?

Another mistake people always do is when they buy a web host, they only look at what they need now. They forget that when your site is online it can receive massive stress, and if that happens, most likely the web host will cut down the connection temporarily if you’re on a shared plan.

But just to save the life of your website, I’ve compiled here some questions that you should ask yourself first before buying a web hosting plan:

1. What kind of website do you want to host? Will it eat up a lot of space due to thousands of graphics, etc.

2. Is it a private website or a website that you will publicize that will get some traffic?

3. Does your website need SQL databases?

4. What plan are you getting? Do you think it will be suitable for a year of growth?

5. If you are not that sure, will the next plan enough just in case you need upgrading?

6. Did you try researching about the web hosting company you are signing-up for? You may want to read some


7. Have you checked for hidden fees? A lot of web hosts have these. You’ll be surprised if you don’t.

8. Are their customer service good enough for what you need?

9. How can you pay them? Do they allow credit card payment?

These 9 questions are some guidelines that I can give when looking for a quality web hosts, though I know it’s not enough but it will give you a good start.

Don’t underestimate when you are looking for a web host, it’s the life of your website, so a bad provider can really ruin it.