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Earning Money From Your Web-Host

There are various web-hosting companies available on the internet. However, not all web-hosting companies are created equal. Here are a few things you may want to consider before engaging your web-hosting company.

If you start out with a “free” web-hosting package you stand a great chance of having your website visitors distracted by clicking on the advertising banners or ads that are placed on your website pages. Let’s face it, we need all the traffic we can get and this is somewhat self-defeating. My suggestion is to spend the few extra bucks to get off to a good start.

And if your free web-hosting company experiences ‘downtime’ and your visitors are not able to access your website, you lose valuable income-producing revenue. So before considering a “free” web-hosting account research this subject well. Following are a few considerations you may want to ponder before engaging your web-hosting company. Exactly what does your web-hosting company support:

Free Web-Hosting Companies

Check to see that services are available 24/7, are adds/banners placed on your webpage(s), what’s the amount of disc space available, are sub-domains supported, and is FTP transfer available?

Fee Paid Web-Hosting Accounts

Check to see if set-up fees or transfer fees are required, check amount of disc space, whether FTP Transfer is enabled, or if they support Front Page Extensions, Sub-domains, Url Redirects, or MYSQL Databases. Also, Mail/List Newsletters, Auto-Responders, POP E-mail Accounts, E-mail Aliases, Site Stats, Mail Manager, Control Panel, Site Creation Tools and Page Counters.

You may not need all of the above tools currently to successfully run your website or your online business. However, you should have them available to you if you are promoting any site on the internet for the long run. Additionally, most webmasters have more than one site to promote, so having these tools available are to your advantage!

My recommendation is Site Build-It, your e-commerce solution, specializing in virtual servers web-hosting, UNIX servers, domains, web-space, money making website building, organic traffic and so much more. This is reliable web-hosing at it’s best.

Since you are going to use a web-host anyway, why not earn an income while promoting your main website? It only makes sense to maximize your hard earned dollars spent online.