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Why You Need a MLM Blog

Creating a blog is essential in for your MLM business. It allows you to extend your brand and tell your personal story online so that people can begin to get to know you. People online do business with people they know, like and trust and having a blog is a good way to begin to build that trust. So, what is a blog? The term is derived from the word web-log. But it is really a different kind of website. This kind of website will contain descriptions of events, thoughts, journals and sometimes it is used as an online diary. Some blogs are specific to a particular topic, while others are specific to the individual.

When creating an MLM blog, you can go for many different angels. You can take the route in which you brand you or you can create a blog about the industry or you can do both. I recommend that you do both, create a personal that’s all about you and create a blog about the MLM industry. Why would you want to do both? Well that’s pretty easy. Your blog about the industry can position yourself out there as a leader and it can highlight your knowledge of the industry and demonstrate proof and evidence of your success. And the personal blog can show a more human side of you. Some people combine the two concepts into one blog and that’s fine too.

There are two major blogging sites and that’s Blogger.com and WordPress.com. I suggest you create a WordPress Blog and find the theme that you want to use and create a blog that represents you. I used the flexibility theme because it is very flexible like it’s name. Some people say to use Blogger to Blog because it’s a Google company and Google likes Google and it will help you ranked in the search engines. But the jury is still out on that thought. I am just not sure that that’s the truth. I see more WordPress blogs out there out ranking Blogger in most cases. Comparing the two are like comparing the Blackberry to the Apple iPhone and I use the iPhone so my choice remains the same… WordPress!

Once you have your blog set up and the theme that you love, you will want to begin to add plug ins. Plug ins are widgets that you can add to your blog to enhance them. Both WordPress and Blogger has various widgets to choose from, you can simply decide which ones you like and add them to your site.

Some of my favorite Plug Ins are:

– SEO All In One Pack (Helps with SEO optimization)

– Pixo Point Menu (Helps to create drop down menus)

– Disquis (to manage comments)

– What Would Seth Goddin Do (Adds a message for return visitors)

– Feedjit (Shows where your traffic is coming from)

And that’s just to name a few of my favorites. As you begin to learn more about the plug ins you will find more and more that you will want to add to your blog. Most blogs today are also hosted just like a website. You can host unlimited blogs for less than $10 at HostGator. You can buy the URL and get Hosting from Host Gator and you will come out much cheaper than you would from getting a separate hosting package for each site like you must do at GoDaddy. There is so much more to share, but these are the blog basics.