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What Makes Google a Household Word? A Great BRAND!

Branding is a word that not many people understand, yet it is one that effects us all every day. Branding is basically creating a specific “image” in the consumers mind. It about being more than a destination, a company or a product. It is about becoming a unique entity with an existence that is no longer physical. It is made up of many different factors. Graphics and slogans are two parts of branding yourself or your company. Let me give you an example.

Online a perfect example of a brand is Google. No matter what search engine you use, to “Google” something means to run a web search. Having your name associated with an action is the ultimate in brand recognition. Google = Information. The logo is instantly identifiable. In all honesty, a “brand” has done it’s job when the product or service becomes a “household name”

Establishing a “brand” is something that anyone in business needs to seriously consider. Even a basic web site owner needs to establish themselves as a unique enterprise. Your brand tells people instantly who you are and what you stand for. There are many ways to do this, we will cover a few basics here.

One of the first keys in developing your “brand” is determining what you want that “brand” to stand for. Using the previous example – Google = information at your fingertips. Establishing as a company or business what you want the consumer to think of you is the first step. Think long and hard, because this is the foundation of your “brand”.

In the online world your name and web address should go hand in hand. If possible you want to select the name first and then check to see if a variation of it is available as a domain name. I do my hosting through HostGator, and you can easily search for variations of your business name. It should be descriptive enough that the online reader knows what you are selling or promoting. I chose a domain name that included the word “resale” when I began to specialize in promoting my own information products.

Logo and slogan are important parts of your brand. Your logo is something that you will use in all areas of your marketing efforts, be it your web site, your newsletter, or your ads. You want it clean and crisp, capable of being used as your website banner, or just as a block graphic. Include your chosen slogan as part of your logo if possible. It helps make any information you put out immediately identifiable as yours.

Keep continuity in everything you do. Your web pages all want to make use of your logo and slogan, and be uniform in appearance. Don’t get nuts making a different template for each page, with fancy graphics etc… Keep the look the same across the board. Sales pages you can experiment on. Content pages should all have a similar look.

Spend some time looking at who you are, what you stand for, and what you want your readers to take away. Setting your brand will help you in the long run.