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Web Designing – Avoid Bad Concepts

There are so many web design concepts available. And as you start to build your website, you may be tempted to use some which would not really be great ideas. Choosing an effective web design is crucial particularly if you are planning out your business website.

For instance, using a lot of images and graphics could be too overwhelming and result to slow load time for your website. This would, in turn, result to visitors not being able to stand the wait and just leave and never return. If possible, try to save your images in GIF format rather than JPG format. Also, try to decrease the sizes of your graphics as much as possible without having to distort the images.

Additionally, visitor counters should not be placed on your website unless probably when you have a lot of traffic. You could easily keep track of the number of visitors on your website through your web host. There is no need at all to reveal it to the whole world. You could use it probably when you have had millions and millions of visitors and would want to display the popularity of your website for the new visitors and for advertisers.

Try to avoid banners, as they are just additional graphics that could slow down your load time even more. Most browsers are ticked off with banners. They feel that they are just useless advertisements and as a result, ignore them and avoid clicking on them. If you still choose to have a banner, place it at the very bottom or the very top and make sure that it will be related to your website.