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How to Setup a Website

Sooner or later many people want their own website. Many have a taste of what its like by having their own page on a social site like MySpace or Facebook. Unlike those sites, your own site will be without limitations. You can build a large personal site with albums full of photos or music, while increasing your communication with others with similar interests. You could also start a business site and earn money from your site. You could possibly do a little of both. You can do all of this for three dollars and change per month.

Where do you start? The first step is finding a good web host. A good web host will include a free domain name , probably for one year. Your host will offer applications to make other steps very easy. You don’t have to be a tech genius to set one up. A good host will offer an easy to use webpage creator to make designing your site a breeze. If you want your site to be a little more complex¬†the host will offer other top notch programs like WordPress and Joomla. You will have unlimited space and unlimited transfers. You will be able to setup subdomains at no extra charge. If the service is very good, they will also give you a credit towards advertising on Google and Yahoo.

If you do get into business, you will need an email autoresponder, a newsletter service, and much more. Your site will provide all of this as well. All for less than four dollars.

If this is your first site, you will need some help from time to time. Your web host should offer tutorials as well as toll free support and instant chat assistance.

Choosing a good web host is the first important step in starting up your site. This will give you all the tools you need, as well as help in getting started. Start thinking of a good domain name, and make the first move by securing an excellent web host.