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The Disadvantages of Business Website Hosting

Starting your business online is not an easy thing to do and it certainly can’t take overnight. There are two things that are of primary importance when it comes to making your business known on the World Wide Web. The first one is the website itself and the other is the web host that will make your website available to internet users. Your website should look professional but should also be simple enough to navigate through. When it comes to web hosting, the service provider should be able to make sure that your website is running 99.9% of the time.

There are different types of hosting available. Examples of web hosting are free website hosts, shared website hosts, virtual private servers, and dedicated hosts. When it comes to business website hosting, one of the disadvantages is that you don’t have lot of options to choose from. You have to make sure that your web host will be able to provide the needs of your website especially when it comes to bandwidth, disk space, and memory. Another disadvantage of business website hosting is that it will definitely add to the expenses of your business. Aside from the cost of hosting services, you will also need someone to manage and maintain the server unless you are an expert when it comes to system management then you can manage it by yourself.

Business websites usually have three options when it comes to hosting. They can go for a shared hosting, a dedicated web hosting, or a virtual private server (VPS) hosting. Shared hosting is the cheapest among all three options. Multiple website owners split the cost of a shared web host but sharing a single server can cause it to be unstable and security may also be compromised. Dedicated web hosting is the most expensive but you get to have huge bandwidth, disk space, and memory. It is also very stable and security is not something to worry about. A cheaper alternative to dedicated web hosting is VPS hosting. VPS hosting has all the features of dedicated hosting but is a lot cheaper.