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What Are the Top Five Common Pit Falls in Web Hosting?

There are always pitfalls in any business, no matter it is online business, direct sales, retail business, or even shop-let business. Many of these well known businesses have common pitfalls that we need to be aware of. Here are some useful ways to help us from getting trapped into these pitfalls which may bring us a lot of unnecessary inconveniences. Getting yourself acquainted with the online forum and blogs of some of these companies are some of the great thing to prepare yourself before you start to get engaging in that particular business itself.

Web hosting is one of the hottest online business in the internet today and increasing pitfalls have been found to exist in the web hosting companies. No one can stop these pitfalls from happening, however we can be extra cautious in these area;

Here are the top five most commonly known pit falls of web host providers that all of us should look out for;

a.Hidden charges and fees-

Before you register for the package, from the web hosting package that you have paid for, it has been cited that all types of fees and processing charges have been included in the web hosting package itself, little are you aware that you still need to dig some money out of your pocket to pay for some of the charges if you need the statistic trend of your website traffic report, or you might find that you will have to pay to get your own template to be used in the website.

b.100% up-time guarantee –

There is no web host service provider which can guarantee on 100% up-time of uninterrupted processing and operation up-time. However still there are some dishonest web hosting companies which publicized their capability to ensure 100% of continuous up-time for their website. Most of the time, novices into this web hosting industry will get fooled easily and have themselves trapped into this cunning pitfall. Experienced users knew that there is no perfect web hosting companies with 100% up-time in this world and it is unlikely that we can ever find any in this world.

c.Bad customer support –

There are many ways where we can tell the exact quality of the customer support provided by a web hosting company. One of the most effective ways is to visit those forums which have been specifically setup for customers to update their feedback and recommendation. Comments made by existing users or previous customers are the most direct and unbiased inputs. The truth can only be revealed through the voice of the real customers. The effort which the web hosting company had invested in their customer support clearly revealed that they are serious about providing the best to their customers anyway they can.

d. Out-dated and old software, application and infrastructure-

Out-dated software and features are less user-friendly, while at the same time, they are more prone to hackers attack with no or lesser security features. Also old server which has not being replaced periodically after certain months are more likely to get exhausted and cause unnecessary downtime because the old features and software of the server is too vulnerable to support the over-whelming volume of the online traffics on the websites.

e.No trial period or money back guarantee is offered –

There are still a handful of web hosting companies who don’t offer any trial period to allow their customers to hand-on to create their website during the first 30 days or 60 days of the trial period. Some don’t even offer the money back guarantee to their clients if clients decided to withdraw from the membership of this particular web host within the trial period. The best thing is to walk away from these web companies without any trial period or 100% money back guarantee provided to their customers.